Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Landon and Kai are adorable!

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly babies grow. I did a session with Landon and Kai's big extended family when everyone gathered together over the Christmas holidays, and Kai was just a roly-poly little baby. We did another session of just her and her brother in June, and I couldn't believe how much she had grown in just a few short months. She has turned into a toddler! Landon was just as handsome as ever, and quite a bit less camera shy than he was a few months ago. I've had the pleasure of watching Landon grow as well; several years ago when I was branching out on my own full time with the photo business, little baby Landon was one of my very first clients. I love being able to document how families grow and change through the years; it is one of my favorite things about what I do!

For comparison, here's a picture of Kai from New Year's day:

And one from our last session in June:

And for fun, here's a pic of baby Landon!

Compared with now:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lauren and Michael Sneak-Peek

My computer is finally back up and running, but it looks like my old hard drive data is gone for good (or, are gone for good? Data is plural, right?) Good thing I'm OCD about backing stuff up! The only major things I lost are all my old emails and my calendar, but after a week of not knowing whether I was coming or going, I've got everything pretty much re-scheduled. I'm super sad about my emails, though; I save absolutely everything in email file folders. Not just client correspondence, but also emails and letters to and from friends during different periods of my life--like my first pregnancy, for example. My emails with friends have served as a journal of my life for the last 5 years at least, and losing them is almost like losing a trunk full of precious photographs or something. Well, live and learn...a bit bittersweet.

Ok, on to the real business at hand :) As I mentioned in my previous post, being without my computer for a week has put me a bit behind, but I'm working like crazy to catch up, so hopefully I won't end up too far off schedule. My beautiful June 21st bride, Lauren, was in touch today, so I thought I'd put up a quick shot to hopefully tide her over for just a bit longer. Lauren was one of the most gorgeous brides I think I've ever had the pleasure to photograph, her dress was to die for, but best of all, her attitude on the day of her wedding was just as carefree and happy as a girl could be. She, Michael, and all their family and friends were an absolute joy to work with, on top of the fact that everybody was so darn good looking!

So here is one of my favorite shots from their wedding, in both black and white and color. I keep going back and forth between which I like better. What do you all think?

Lauren, more to come soon, I promise! Also David and Liz, and several others! I think I have the best clients in the whole world. Part of what is so wonderful about providing a boutique service is the opportunity to form a real relationship with the wonderful couples and families I serve!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

To My Fabulous Friends and Clients

The latest manifestation of this dark cloud of bad luck that seems to be following me around lately is that the hard drive on my computer died. I had pretty much everything backed up--the only important thing I've lost are all my email files and my outlook calendar. My computer is still under warranty, so a new hard drive is on its way. We are trying to recover the data from the bad drive, so hopefully that will work out. In the meantime, I am without a computer until at least the middle of next week. I can check email sporadically on my husband's work computer, but won't be able to in my usual bordering on obsessive fashion. So I ask that you please have a bit of patience if I don't respond right away to an email, and if it is urgent, please don't hesitate to give me a call.

This is also putting me behind schedule by almost a week, so I must also ask for patience if you are waiting on your proofs or an order. I can promise that when I am back up and running, I will be putting in several all-nighters to get back on track!

Lastly, if I am unable to recover my outlook files, that means I have lost all my email addresses. If anyone reading this will please send me an email, that will be a significant help in re-building my address book.

Thank you all! I totally feel like I have lost my right arm without my computer!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Emily and Jason are Married!

Emily and Jason are so much fun--you might remember their awesome engagement session from this winter, posted here. Their wedding was at the beautiful St. Albert the Great Church, and what a beautiful location!

I have to start off with a picture of the best kiss I believe I have ever witnessed at a wedding celebration. He took her totally by surprise! This is one of I don't know how many frames I've got of this shot; it had to have lasted a good 20 seconds or so!

I just love love love this shot. But I can't decide if I like it better in black and white or color.

Congratulations Emily and Jason, and thank you for sharing your special day with me!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Make My Funk the P-Funk

Just a couple from the 4th of July George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic concert down on the waterfront last week. I've got several more great shots and some good ones of JJ Grey and Mofro too, but I'll have to get to those later. I'm so behind on my blogging! I've had a wedding pretty much every weekend for the last 2.5 months, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. I've got the next 2 weeks off, so look for several posts and lots of new pics coming soon.

Oh, one funny note--during the Mofro show, I was standing up against the stage shooting away, and this guy next to me says, "Hey--I know you, you were the photographer at my brother's wedding 2 weeks ago!" It turned out to be David's younger brother. Isn't that crazy? Good times!!