Monday, April 28, 2008

Sugar and Spice?

Ok, I really do have lots of other things to do than post personal pics! (Coming soon--Katie and Ryan, Danielle and Nick, David and Liz, Charla and Craig, Brooke and Neil, and more!)

But I just had to throw these up real quick. The white dress Connor is wearing belonged first to her great great grandmother. Maybe 3 greats? Not sure. Really old and precious, anyway. The pink one belonged to my mother, made for her by my grandmother. I'm so grateful my mom has saved these things for us. I'm also glad I have a little girl to put them on! Wesley would have looked pretty silly modeling this stuff.

The last picture is the other side of the coin. Guess who went through my purse today? Guess who was being so quiet that mommy forgot all about her for just long enough? (UGH! My expensive Lancome lipstick! Like, the ONLY thing I ever splurge on for myself!)

Oh, and this is the same little girl as in the pictures above! Sean put Wesley's old clothes on her this morning, so she looked like a little boy. I guess that is why she thought she needed lipstick!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Purse Pants

The cutest outfit EVER

Look! Little purses!

I threw some texture on this one to divert attention from all the dead grass in our yard. You don't notice any dead grass, right? Right?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where have I been?

I just realized that it has been over a month since I've posted--hope somebody is still out there! For way too long, I have been neglecting my website in favor of posting new photos from each shoot on this blog. This past month or so, that trend has pretty much reversed--my new website is finally live!!! (well, it's not finished, but IT'S LIVE!!) I'm still building the galleries and getting all the info up, but I figured that having an unfinished new website that more accurately reflects my current style was better than having a site up that reflected what I was doing, oh, about 3 years ago, ya know?

So I've definitely been keeping busy, even though I haven't been active here. Along with the usual craziness, I had the most fabulous time last week at OSP Indy, a 3 day workshop in Indianapolis. OSP is the most amazing forum on the web, full of the most talented rockstar photographers in the country (and elsewhere!), who also happen to have the most incredible generous giving spirits I've ever come across. I owe so much to my friends there for how much my business has grown over the past couple of years, and also how I've grown, learned, and challenged myself as a photographer.

As an example of how wonderful these people are--I had a bit of an accident last night (understatement) and broke my workhorse lens--it fell on a brick floor out of my bag. And I've got a wedding this weekend. And Murphy's has already rented their comparable lens for that day. And the repair shop has a 6-8 week backlog (#%$#%#!!). So as I'm considering what to do in a state of near panic, I posted for some opinions on OSP. Within minutes, I had so many responses and suggestions, and incredibly, 2 people who I've only "met" online offered to let me borrow their similar lens for my wedding this weekend. Does it get more amazing than that?? People are really, really good. Photographer people anyway :) Just kidding.

But anyway, thanks also to my good friend Ryan for listening to me wail about it today and chauffeuring me around town to camera shops to consider my options. Long story short, my fancy new lens will be here tomorrow, and my old lens will hopefully be fixed in 6-8 weeks (@#$@%#@$@#$!!!). I'm actually coming out ahead lens-wise, so all is well that ends well, as usual (although my pocketbook is a bit lighter...).

Enough chatter, on to some pictures! The following is just a sampling from what I shot in Indy. Man, what a blast we had! I heart my OSP peeps!!!

Oh, and GO CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!! Comments always make my day :)