Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kimmie and Baby Alex

Well, almost baby Alex anyway! Oh my gosh, isn't she gorgeous???

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Katie and Brian

I'm so excited to finally get some pics up for Katie and Brian! As usual, I get hung up in narrowing down my favorites. As I go through a wedding's photos, it is so much fun to re-live all the happy moments from the day, so it is so hard to choose which to showcase. I was especially emotionally involved in Katie and Brian's wedding; I grew up in the same neighborhood as Brian, Katie's older sister was a classmate and friend of mine since elementary school practically, and our families all go to the same church and have been friends for years. Shooting this wedding was such a blast; I got to see and talk to so many of my E-town "home folks".

What a big, wonderful loving family these two have! And there are so many beautiful young children! These kids will be fortunate to grow up with so many cousins of the same age.

Katie and Brian are so happy together; it is so evident in the pictures of them interacting. Congratulations to Katie, Brian, and Kayla too!

So on to the pics:

Watching Kayla interact with Brian was precious. She is definitely a daddy's girl!

Katie wore her Grandmother's pin inside her dress:

The rings, of course:

And also, since this was a union of a new family for Kayla too, they planned a special surprise for her during the ceremony, where she was presented with this necklace:

Mom did the make-up:

Everyone was having a blast!

Katie was gorgeous! Audrey Hepburn was their inspiration. Absolutely beautiful!


And our GQ groom:

This was absolutely one of the tenderest moments I have ever witnessed in my life. Right after the ceremony, emotions were absolutely in the clouds. Katie, Brian and Kayla just hugged and hugged and hugged.

They had rice!

On to the reception:

I LOVE this shot--all the kiddos lined up watching them have their first dance

So romantic!

Kayla had her dad groovin' on the dance floor

Beautiful Kayla shows off her new necklace. Couldn't she be a model?

Check out their get-away car, courtesy of Wynne and Bill! Katie's mom arranged this as a special surprise.

So before they "got away", we went out and had a little more fun with photos on the golf course. Oh my gosh, we got so many good ones out there! I could have put so many more of these up!

And so they drove off into the sunset, happily ever after!

All the best to Katie, Brian, and their families! It was a privilege to be a part of your special day!