Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brooke and Neil part 2

Here's the slideshow, as promised :) Check out what I was talking about in their first post--the sequences of the 2 of them interacting are so awesome. I kept wanting to choose their pictures in 3's--that's how the moments seemed to happen!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brooke and Neil

Brooke and Neil are engaged! Well, you might have already known that, but it's not official till the pictures, of course. Much more important than that ring, right? Just kidding :)

We started out at the always beautiful St. James Court where the dogwoods were in bloom, and ended up on the Riverfront. It threateded rain, but we got lucky with only a few sprinkles so we ended up having a blast on the playground. It didn't take Brooke and Neil any time to warm up for the camera. Look how natural they are! There are so many cute sequence shots that you'll notice in the slideshow--they were so awesome interacting with each other.

Brooke has the most beautiful, soulful eyes I've ever seen. In some of the pics in the slideshow, her gaze is downright smokin'! Wait and see... :)

She's got a great laugh too!

It is so hard to pick a favorite among all these, but I just love love love this last one. It looks timeless to me.

Stay tuned for the slideshow!